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DSCN2262studs & wedges]

Urban Outfitters Jacket & Scarf / Forever 21 tee, jeans, & socks / Candies Wedge Sneakers


I spent the day with my parents, we went and saw Saving Mr. Banks (so good), ran some errands (spent my Sephora gift card from Christmas finally!!), and had dinner.  I picked out the white t-shirt and jeans, and then I was like oh I haven’t worn this scarf in forever and threw that on which then made me think of these socks.  The outfit just started coming together as I was trying to add more warmth.  Layering is so much fun (and necessary when living in Minnesota right now) and I’m glad I got to rock this army green studded jacket because its been to long!

Also I got my hair did by my very talented friend Whitney!  I was missing my ombre so she put this great copper color on my ends and then touched up my roots.  It turned out really great.  I love it!

Positive Vibes