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The author of this blog is Zach Bowers, a digital marketer from Milwaukee, WI. You can find all of Zach’s thoughts on marketing, basketball, and life on Twitter @HeyBeardsly

I’ve recently had a revelation. I dress poorly because I shop poorly. This is largely fueled by my insistence on shopping for clothes like a stereotypical man. I enter a store with the idea that I’ll be in and out with a new pair of jeans in less than 20 minutes. I browse briefly and walk out 20 minutes later with a pair of jeans, plus a hastily picked out shirt that will “work for work”.

The dilemma is that I actually enjoy new clothes, and believe in dressing like a respectable human being. I’m single, adding to the desire to not look awful all of the time. The unfortunate thing for this poor soul … I don’t know what looks good. Lets say I’m staring at a set of shirts in a display. I will have very little idea of which shirt is better. I’m fashion blind, like a grown-ass man. Like a child, I need someone to pick fashionable clothes out for me and say “try all of these good looking clothes until you find something you like”.

Conveniently, I’ve found a service to fulfill that exact need.

The Solution to Men’s Shopping

It’s called ThreadLab Inc. and they ship a set of clothes straight to my doorstep. No over-friendly cashiers, no peculiarly curious employees, no time in a dressing room. I sat on my ass, filled out a simple online form detailing the clothes I want and my sizes and in a little over a week I was trying on great looking clothes.

Zach Bowers is proud of his ThreadLab Sweatshirt

Zach Bowers is proud to rock his new sweatshirt from Thread Lab Inc.

I want new clothes. Now, “here are some clothes on your porch”. No more browsing through stores shopping for “shirts”. It removes the need for “an eye for style” by delivering a set of clothes that will all look nice. Meaning I can dress better, and put in less effort.

Not everything in my box was perfect. Some jeans were too baggy for my tastes, same with a shirt. I pulled a hooded henley out of the box said “No thank you” instantly. A hood on a thin shirt? Not my style. With a month to decide I managed to select four items that I felt comfortable in, were seconded by my roommate, and were within my budget.

That last part is important. There are other services much like Thread Lab, like Trunk Club. However, I can’t afford $200 pairs of jeans. Even if I could they’re still made from denim. That’s a ridiculous price.

Clothes from ThreadLab Inc.

The whole kit and caboodle from the Thread Lab box.

Thread Lab’s items are all around $50, which puts them squarely in my budget for clothes. Plus, knowledgable people are picking out clothes for me. Thank you! With no girlfriend for constant reminders (Thank you!) there’s no check and balance of my fashion. Now, I’m a man shopping like a man and looking good doing it.

Ladies, this is a fantastic gift for your man! You could order a box of clothes for them, or simply get them a gift card. Like this idea for yourself? Try Tog+Porter or Stitch Fix.