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Earmuffs: Christmas Gift (Similar) / Scarf (Similar) & Tee (Here) : Forever 21 / Sweater: Victoria’s Secret (Similar) / Jeans: American Eagle (Similar) / Shoes: Steve Madden (Here) / Purse: Anne Klein (Here)

It has been a freezing start to winter, temperatures below 0 and a good day is when we hit double digits!  Layering up is a must.  I have a cardigan underneath this super cozy Victoria’s Secret cardigan.  It never hurts to wear a pair of leggings under your jeans when its far to cold out.  On those days I try to avoid going outside as much as possible.

Also, how cute are these earmuffs?!  They’re panda bears!!  I received these for Christmas a few years ago from my then roommate and amazing friend!  Don’t shy away from earmuffs, they can be a cute extra pop of fun AND warmth 🙂

Positive Vibes to all and I just reached over 100 followers so I just want to say THANK YOU! and I’m excited to have you here 🙂