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Sunnies, Shorts, & Booties: Urban Outfitters / Sweater: Love Culture / Tights: Forever 21 / Socks: Target / Purse: Aldo

Photos by Tyler

These black booties from Urban Outfitters have been worn quite a bit.  Almost everyday we were in NYC I wore them to walk around & surprisingly they didn’t bother me at all.  This purse from Aldo is such a lovely green, I describe it as “Starbucks Green” even though that’s not a real color but you get the point!  This was another cool fall day so layering was necessary!  If your looking for a great pair of over the knee socks and don’t want to spend over $10 check out Target.

This was a lovely day date with my boyfriend, we had lunch at the restaurant that’s behind most of the pictures.  Before that we picked apples at the apple orchard which I have never done before!  It was a day well spent with him ❤

Positive Vibes!


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