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Sunnies, Sweater, Romper & Shoes: Urban Outfitters!

Photos by Tyler

Another fun photo shoot in the midst of fall!  On my drive to Wisconsin to have a weekend with my boyfriend the trees were changing colors and leaves were falling.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  I didn’t even realize this whole outfit was from Urban Outfitters until I sat here to write up this blog! The sunglasses and romper print give this outfit a 70’s vibe.  I love that this romper has the beautiful open back and long sleeves but it’s a bit chilly to just rock that so the sweater was a nice fall touch!

I also really love swinging so its kind of perfect that we could fit in the park for this outfit.  One of my best friends and I sometimes find ourselves at the city park on days where we just need to get a way from reality.  Something very freeing & relaxing about the back and the forth, and sitting and twisting the chains.  Talking about whatever we feel like whether its what’s bothering us or random thoughts.  I’m really thankful for all the people I get to call my friends and family 🙂

Positive Vibes